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Security Patrol Tips

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Responsibilities of a Construction Safety Officer

Posted - 04/10/2012
A construction site can be a very dangerous workplace, particularly for workers who do not take safety rules seriously. Since construction workers deal with heights, heavy equipment, electrical equipment and other dangerous tools and equipment, it is important that every employer and every employee follows general safety rules t...

How to Increase Hotel Security Procedures

Posted - 01/31/2012
If you think that your hotel needs to have much better security, there are a few things that you can do. First, you can install automatic locks on all of the doors. Next, you can put cameras up over all of the doors and along the outside walls that will record any suspicious activity. You can also install an alarm that can be pu...

The Importance of Building Security Procedures

Posted - 12/01/2011
On average, most building security procedures which are centered around surveillance cameras. One or two security guards monitor these cameras, depending on the size of the building. If any suspicious activity is detected, the guard will go and look into the issue to make sure that no theft is occurring. Valuable items within...

Pre Employment Screening You Should Expect From Your Security Company

Posted - 11/08/2011
No security company wants to hire someone who has a criminal record. Security companies, like San Jose Security Patrol, like to hire independent and trustworthy individuals who can help clients feel safer while the security team is guarding their customers’ valued businesses. Security services are an essential part to providin...

What kind of training should I expect from a security guard?

Posted - 11/08/2011
Finding a security guard company that has guards that are properly trained is an important aspect for you to consider before hiring any security company. Some of the most important skills for your security guard to have are basic self-defense skills, driving skills, first aid and shooting skills. Not all security guards will hav...

How do I know if I need to hire a security services company?

Posted - 11/07/2011
Many different types of companies can benefit from hiring a security company. San Jose Security Patrol suggests businesses consider hiring a security company if they have problems with vandalism, break ins or just want to deter these things from happening on their business grounds. Hiring a security company is the best way to av...
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